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Saturday, May 22, 2010



Monday, March 8, 2010

Eye candy

Stay tune for more updates.

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Mochi Mochi

Suit of Armor, Edo Period

I didn't know that mochi was an important part of Japanese culture. For those of you who don't know what mochi is, you can refer to wikipedia .Today,on the way to the Michigan Theater to watch a Korean documentary , I dropped by at the Mochisuki event organized by the Center for Japanese Studies. There was a demonstration on how mochi was made, and of course free mochi ! And tonight, Adele and Yeow came over with some mochi for us to sample. Nom nom nom.
It's been a while since I sunk my teeth on those cute little tasty food.

On another note, classes have officially started. So far, I like all the classes that I have taken, including those in the previous term. I have a few plans up my sleeves for this year, but that's for me to know and for you to wonder. I'll announce them later, when I feel like it. Till then, have an awesome January. Carpe diem.

Thursday, December 31, 2009

Cherry Jubilee

I'm back !

*drum rolls *

Let's start with some quick update.

Fall. It's pretty and I love the weather. This is my first experience with four seasons, and I'm liking it so far. I didn't get any when I was in New Zealand. I'm still looking forward for spring, but not summer. I mean the weather. These pretty leaves are gone by now; as it's already winter.

Halloween ! It's a big thing here. Too bad the street party was dispersed when I got there. :(
Ohio ! Police on horses in Columbus. Haven't seen any in Michigan, so I'm wondering if this is an Ohio thing. It's kinda weird to be in Ohio when there's a big game between OSU and UM around the corner. Especially if you're wearing a Michigan tee. Don't understand ? Look at the next photo.
Football is another big thing here. Notice the amount of F words in the banner ?Do note that, football is not the same as soccer.
Winter is pretty decent here, contrary to what I heard. The snow is not even thick enough for me to have a decent snowball fight !

Well, it's the time of the year again. A time where you stop and look back at life. The experiences, the people and the achievements that has been part of it. As the clock ticks to the end of 2009, I been thinking about a lot of things. Personal goals, academic minors and etc. I shall not talk about my personal goals here, as you can tell from its classification, it's personal.

I've yet decided on my academic minor. I initially had a minor or two , in mind when I got here; but towards the end of the term, I changed my mind.So, I'm talking of four different options, but I only can choose one. I'm actually trying to fit two other minors into my academic plan, with note of my intended graduation date. But, apparently I don't have enough time for both. It's kind of a bummer when you have to drop a minor because you can fit in one or two classes.And I don't think I want to go over 18 credit hours per semester. As of now, it's a trade off.

Some nice evil kid on the streets.
I watched Avatar in IMAX -3D in the cinema, the other day. It 's a good movie with intense graphics.If you want a review, my friend, Gerard has written one. Check it out, here .

School is starting next week. I got all the classes I wanted and my schedule looks pretty nice, so I'm contended.The thing about being in a big school, is that there's all sorts of activities and interests that is facilitated. Heard of a penis monologue ?

In case you haven't notice, I have a habit of snapping random photos ! So bear with it. :p

As for the title of this post, I thought of a new way to look at life. Isn't it interesting how you can think about live using ice-cream flavors? I just had cherry jubilee ;and I found that I loved it. What about you ? What is your flavor ?

Thursday, November 19, 2009


Isn't life an irony ?

Sunday, October 25, 2009


I've been a very bad blogger. I've been absent from the blogosphere again.

Ironically, I am updating my blog because of an outbreak of fire in a building next to University Towers.

Life in Ann Arbor is good, but workload is rather heavy. I am taking 18 credits this semester, which means a full load for the entire semester. My schedule includes:

Introduction to World Politics
Introduction to Probability
1st Year Korean
Undergraduate Research
Here’s some pictures that I should have uploaded ages ago.

Image1908                     Continental Breakfast during orientation.Image1924                                                  Angell Hall

Image1925                                                      MacsImage1935                  Collections of books in the undergraduate library (UgLi)Image1933                      The huge printer at the Tech Deck , UgLi.Image1978                         The University of Michigan Museum of Art.


                               There’s so many museums on campus; from archeology to arts.Image1980                                          Priceless paintings.Image1974                                        The LSA building.
Despite it’s name, we don’t have any classes in there. It’s more of an administrative building.Image1949                                                  The Cube.Image1928                                                   The Diag.Image2005                                And the American flag in the diag.Image1951  This is the President’s house. President of the University of course.Image2031                                  The Ross School of Business. Image2027 This is called the Rock. And the image of this rock changes faster than fashion change in Milan or Paris. I have no idea how many times this rock has been painted. IMG00027-20091005-1600                        A nice view from the Shapiro Library.Image1989       A party bus as you can see.I should try one of these one day.Image1991                                             Pirates , ahoy !!Image2004                                    Maize Craze at Palmer’s field.Image2017           Dancing performance by the UMBDT in the Michigan Union Ball room.Image2023                                                     Snow ??Image2025                                          More like a “foamtain” !!! Image1975You’ll see this furry creature everywhere you go. They’re scampering around looking for food.So cute.Image1941                          Interesting little store just around the corner.Image2022                                 These are actually ice-cream. Image1972                                      I did not steal the pen.IMG00028-20091006-1003                Inspirational message in one of the cubicles in Angell Hall.


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